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Australian investors eye housing, infrastructure investment opportunities in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, May 21, 2024 (FBC) – A delegation of experienced Australian construction investors has expressed keen interest in pursuing investment opportunities in Ethiopia’s housing development and infrastructure sectors.

Their interest was disclosed during a meeting held with the Minister of Urban and Infrastructure Development of Ethiopia, Ms. Chaltu Sani.

The Australian investors, who boast extensive experience in utilizing cutting-edge technologies for real estate projects across various countries, conveyed their desire to potentially engage in building houses and road infrastructure within the East African nation.

During the discussions, the investors highlighted their proven track record and expertise in the construction industry, signaling their readiness to contribute to Ethiopia’s ongoing efforts to address its housing needs and strengthen its transportation networks.

On her part, Ms. Chaltu confirmed that Ethiopia is ready to work with investors from various countries who bring advanced technology and extensive experience in infrastructure development, especially in the construction industry. She stated that the Ethiopian government is committed to cooperating with international companies, both private and public, who are interested in starting work, particularly in housing construction and the road sector.

It is believed that the meeting underscores Ethiopia’s continued efforts to attract foreign direct investment, particularly in sectors that can contribute to the nation’s ambitious economic transformation agenda. The government has identified housing and infrastructure as key priorities, presenting lucrative opportunities for international investors with the necessary capabilities and resources.

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