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Bank accounts of 34 TPLF financial institutions frozen

Addis Ababa, November 17, 2020 (FBC) – The Federal Attorney General has announced that bank accounts of 34 TPLF financial institutions have been frozen.

The decision was made because sufficient evidences have been obtained to initiate an investigation into their involvement in various criminal activities, it said.

The institutions are accused of funding ethnic-based attacks and terrorist activities, having links with and providing financial assistance to TPLF, tax avoidance and corruption.

Names of the institutions are given below:

1.Sur Construction
2.Guna Trading House plc
3.Trans Ethiopia plc
4.Mesfin Industrial Engineering plc
5.Selam Bus Line S.C
6.Mega Printing Plc
7.Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT)
8.EFFORT Electrical Business plc
9.EFFORT Design and Construction plc
10.Ezana Mining Development PLC
11.Velocity Apparelz Companies PLC
12.Mesebo Building Material Production PLC
13.Saba Dimensional Stone
14.Mesfin Industrial Engineering
15.Sheba Tannery PLC
17. Meganet corporation
18.Express Transit Service
19.Desalegn catrinary
20.Sheba Tannery Factory SC
21.Hiwot Agriculture Mechanization
22.Hiwot Agriculture Mechanization plc
23.Almeda Garment Factory
24.Mesobo Cement Factory
25.Dedebit Credit and Savings SC
26.Addis Pharmaceuticals production
27.Tigray Development plc
28.Star Pharmaceuticals imports
29.Saba Marble SC
30.Adwa Flour Factory
31.Tikal Egri Mitikal
32.Beruh Tesfa Plastic plc
33.Desalegn veterinary pharmaceutical importer and distributer plc
34.Maichew Particleboard Manufacturing PLC

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