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Berbera economic corridor vital to connect people in Region

Addis Ababa, May 26, 2024 (FBC) – Somali Chief Administrator, Mustefe Muhammad has highlighted the immense significance of the Berbera Economic Corridor for the development of people-to-people ties in the region.

A panel discussion on the Berbera Economic Corridor and People’s Movement is underway in Jigjiga city, Somali Region of Ethiopia.

Mayor of Hargeisa City in Somaliland, Abdulkerim Ahmed Moge; Mayor of Berbera City, Abdushukur Mohamod, Mayor of Borema City; Mohamed Ahmed Warsamena, and the Mayor of Gabilai City, Mohamed Amin Omar are in attendance at the panel discussion organized by Jigjiga University in collaboration with the Jigjiga City Administration and the Ethiopian Cities Forum.

Somali Chief Administrator, Mustefe Muhammad, Jigjiga University Board Chairman, Tesfaye Beljige and officials of Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure and Jigjiga University are also participating in the meeting.

Mustefe said on the occasion that the utilization of the Berbera Economic Corridor is crucial for fostering regional development and strengthening people-to-people connections.

He also highlighted the importance of port and sea transport services for the people in the region.

Jigjiga University Board Chairman and Chief Government Whip at the House of Representative, Tesfaye Beljige, emphasized the significant role of the development activities along the Berbera Corridor in facilitating the transfer of African trade, services, and capital.

He underscored the importance of the Berbera Economic Corridor in the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063, by boosting trade and investment activities in the region.

Academician from Somaliland and Ethiopia are expected to present and discuss the numerous benefits of the Berbera Economic Corridor, including infrastructure development, the road connectivity to Ethiopia, and the various social and economic advantages it offers to the region, as per ENA.

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