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China keen on elevating trade relations with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, December 2, 2023 (FBC) – Agricultural and Rural Development Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress affirmed China’s commitment to elevate its existing trade relations with Ethiopia.

The Chinese parliamentary delegation led by Du Jiahao along with the Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia, Lomi Bedo and other members of the house has visited AMG Coffee Export headquarters at Gelan town.

During the visit, Du Jiahao stated that Ethiopian coffee is garnering popularity in the Chinese market. He added that Chinese companies have realized that Ethiopia has a huge potential in the coffee processing sector.

Companies of his country are committed to help Ethiopia dominate the world coffee market. He added that Chinese investors are currently operating in Ethiopia in the coffee industry sector, pledging to attract more likeminded business from his country to ensure that trade and investment ties between the two countries is elevated to the maximum level.

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