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Authority calls on private sector to invest in aviation industry

Addis Ababa, February 23, 2023 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has called on private actors in the sector to invest in the area, including in construction and management of small airports and heliports.

Speaking at a press conference held today, Civil Aviation Director-General Getachew Mengiste said our country is at a very low level compared to other African countries in terms of development of small airports used for domestic air transport services.

This is because the construction and management of airports falls mainly on the shoulders of the federal government, he added.

Therefore, the authority believes that it is important to involve mainly private investors, regional governments, city administrations and non-governmental institutions in the construction and management of small airports and heliports, the director-general said.

According to him, expanding infrastructure of airports is key and of great importance to ensure the development of air transport.

In this regard, Getachew has pledged to provide appropriate technical support for private sector airport developers.

The authority has developed a system and monitoring mechanism to help private sectors involved in the construction and management of small airports and heliports, it was learned.

The director-general stressed that the involvement of private investors and regional governments in the sector will support and lay the foundation for the country’s efforts to increase the number of standard airports.

Expansions of airport are vital to increase accessibility of air transport services, transport passengers and high-value and perishable products in a safe and quality manner.

It is also vital to ensure accessibility and efficiency in the tourism sector, Getachew stated.

Currently, there are 22 airports, including four international airports, that are providing regular services in Ethiopia.

Apart from these, there are a handful of small airstrips that provide various services for mega projects, mining, agriculture, recreation, humanitarian and other uses, ENA reports.

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