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Clean water projects underway in Oromia region at a cost of 6.8bln birr

Addis Ababa, February 4, 2023 (FBC) – Clean water projects are underway in Oromia region at a cost of close to 6.8 billion birr in order to increase the water access in the region.

The projects being carried out with a view to increase water access from 81pct to 83pct are said to ensure potable water access for 2.7 million people.

Deputy Head of Oromia Water and Energy Bureau, Mohammed Nura exclusively told FBC that the government has been undertaking 255 high level water projects in rural and urban areas at a cost of 4.8 billion birr.

Moreover, 7,550 small scale projects are being carried out in participation of the community, he said. Upon completion, the project will increase the clean water access to 83 percent, the Deputy Head added.

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