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Commission calls for enhanced delivery humanitarian aid to people in need in Amhara Region

Addis Ababa, February 3, 2023 (FBC)  – The Amhara Disaster Prevention Food Security Commission stated that more than 6.7 million people in the region are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Apart from those displaced due to various circumstances, people affected by the conflict are in need of food assistance, the commission said.

The commission stressed the need to provide to these people till they are able to produce enough food crops and become food self-sufficient.

Public Relations Head of the Commission, Iyasu Mesfin exclusively told FBC that there are currently more than 1.2 million internally displaced people in the Amhara Regional State.

Out of the total IDPs in the region, 800 are displaced from various parts of Ethiopia due to security matters, he indicated. Of the total figure, 75 pct are sheltered in makeshift camps while the remaining have been accommodated by the host communities, accordi g to the PR Head.

Regarding supply of food assistance, Iyasu disclosed that only 3.5 million of the total 6.7 million people in need have received aid from the federal government. He added that efforts are underway to address 70 pct of the need through government and the remaining 30 pct via partners. The assistance being delivered by the government lacks timeliness and does not fulfill the required humanitarian aid items, he said.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Director of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC), Debebe Zewdie recently told FBC that the government is delivering humanitarian assistance to more than 2.4 million people in need in the region.

Following the visit of the Commissioner of NDRMC, Ambassador  Shiferaw Teklemariam, the commission has delivered additional aid to people in need in Ataye, Efrata, Antsokia and Debre Berhan towns.


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