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Conference on Ethiopia’s sustainable infrastructure dev’t kicks off

Addis Ababa, March 26, 2024 (FBC) – A two-day conference has commenced in Addis Ababa, focusing on a critical discussion of the strategic, policy, structural, and implementation limitations, as well as potential innovative concepts and best practices that can contribute to Ethiopia’s sustainable infrastructure development.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the conference, Wondimu Seta, the State Minister of Urban and Infrastructure, emphasized Ethiopia’s ongoing efforts to ensure the construction of a more resilient and sustainable future.

He stated that a legal framework is currently being formulated to ensure that infrastructure in the country is sustainable and takes into account the impacts of climate change.

The State Minister highlighted the ongoing construction of numerous infrastructures, emphasizing that they serve as the groundwork for future social and economic transformations.

He stressed the importance of mega projects being developed since the reform, emphasizing that they should address the current development needs while ensuring long-term sustainability.

Wondimu, who noted that infrastructures have direct or indirect impact on the environment, stated that development works should therefore be explored from the perspective of future generations.

In this regard, billions of tree seedlings have been planted in Ethiopia under the Green Legacy Initiative.

Yet, the state minster underscored that it is necessary to formulate a policy which protects the atmosphere and ensures sustainability in terms of infrastructures.

He said the previous construction policy of the country is being revised since it does not include sustainability and to ensure the sustainability of infrastructures by adapting it to climate.

Therefore, the decisions we make here at the conference will have far-reaching implications for generations to come, shaping the future landscape of our nation and our planet, Wondimu remarked.

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Multi-Country Office Director, Worknesh Mekonnen said on her part that the initiative for the conference is timely for Ethiopia as a country that is on an ambitious journey of achieving middle income status by 2030.

“Ethiopia has been undertaking infrastructure projects ranging from mega projects such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to improving access to basic social infrastructure. I strongly believe the experience in the country so far has given us ample opportunities to reflect and take stock of achievements and challenges to contribute towards policy and implementation improvement areas.”

Over the last several months, UNOPS has worked diligently to gather the key stakeholders and expertise in Ethiopia and the diaspora in the diverse areas of infrastructure development, she said.

The infrastructure efforts in the middle-income countries are focused both on the project management support in construction of climate resilient and sustainable structures and on the provision of technical assistance to the governments implementing large-scale projects themselves.

Worknesh finally expressed her hope that the conference will allow the space to critically discuss the strategic, policy, structural and implementation limitations and possible innovative concepts and best practices that contribute to the country’s sustainable infrastructure development and achievement of the key national strategies and SDGs targets, per ENA.

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