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Construction of Ethiopia-Kenya power transmission line completed

Addis Ababa, February 21, 2021 (FBC) – Ethiopian Electric Power stated completion of the construction of Ethiopia-Kenya power transmission line as Kenya is expected to complete power interconnection with Ethiopia by next June.

Ethiopia has fully completed its portion of the construction of Ethio-Kenya power grid and is awaiting the completion of Kenya’s side for trial operation , Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) Communication Director Moges Mekonnen told EPA.

EEP added that both transmission line and convertor station have been made ready for next task.

Ethiopia is now waiting for Kenya to complete its interconnection project to carry out trial operation as soon as possible, the Communication Director underlined.

“This is because Kenya must complete its power systems interconnection as the converter station is directly connected with Kenya’s interconnection line.” he said.

According to the Director, the transmission line on Ethiopia’s side, which covers over 433 Km, was completed before a year and over 90 percent of the overall construction of the project was completed last budget year.



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