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Council of Ministers approves several draft proclamations

Addis Ababa, January 8, 2021 (FBC) – Council of Ministers, during its 94th regular session held today, discussed various issues and passed decisions accordingly.

The council discussed on draft bill of amendment of the overseas employment proclamation. It is indicated on the occasion that the amendment is needed for some shortcomings have been encountered while implementing revised proclamation no. 923/2016. The need to adjust the proclamation in the light of up to date realities of the sector has been also stated as a factor to amend to law.

The gabs seen in the overseas employment law have been identified through detailed research studies as best practices of several countries of the world are also included in the draft proclamation, it is said on the occasion. Council passed a decision to refer the draft amendment bill to the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) for approval.

Council also discussed draft proclamations on agreements reached between Ethiopia and Uganda on the extradition of wanted persons and the ratification of joint criminal justice agreements.

The extradition agreement is said crucial to create a legal framework for bilateral cooperation in the extradition of wanted persons.

The Joint legal cooperation agreement will create a framework to work in partnership in investigation, prosecution and trial on organized and cross-border crimes in the territories of the two countries. The council also sent these draft bills to HPR for approval.

Draft proclamation of the visa waiver agreement signed between Ethiopia and South Africa for diplomatic and service Passport holders has also been discussed and referred to the HPR by the council. This agreement is said vital to deepen bilateral ties between the two countries and save time needed in the visa process.

The council also discussed a draft regulation on service charges to be paid to Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia. A draft bill that will help the board cover its cost of services has been evaluated and referred HPR for approval and promulgation.

Another issue that the council discussed and decided on was the draft regulation aimed to amend the Ethio-Telecom Establishment Regulation.

The amendment is said vital to to keep pace with the rapid growth and dynamic nature of the industry. Council passed a decision for the publication of in Negarit Gazeta.

Finally, the council discussed the draft proclamation to ratify the 200 Million US Dollars loan agreement Ethiopia signed with the International Development Association (IDA) for implementation of the fifth phase of the Development Safety Net Program.

The council has made sure that the interest free loan agreement is in line with country’s loan strategy and has 6 years of grace period and to be paid within 38 years, and passed decision to refer the law to HPR for approval.

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