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Czech Republic reaffirms support to Ethiopia’s efforts on climate resilience 

Addis Ababa, October 25, 2023 (FBC) – Czech Republic reiterated commitment to support Ethiopia in its efforts to strengthen climate resilience, Ambassador Miroslav Kosek said.

The ambassador made the remark at a panel discussion held in Addis Ababa on climate resilience in Ethiopia today.

Ethiopia has been exerting efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a climate resilience environment.

One of the biggest and notable achievements so far registered in this regard is the Green Legacy Initiative through which billions of tree seedlings are being planted across the country.

The panel, which was organized by Czech Development Cooperation and Austrian Development Cooperation, has discussed issues related to climate resilience in Ethiopia including policy approaches and programming to climate change and climate change adoption and mitigation measures.

During the occasion, Ambassador of Czech Republic in Ethiopia, Miroslav Kosek said the topic of climate resilience is a subject that transcends borders, affecting the lives of people in every corner of the planet.

Climate change is not a distant threat; it is the reality that already impacting the lives of millions, he added.

Moreover, the ambassador said that Ethiopia, with its diverse ecosystems and unique vulnerabilities, is no exception to this harsh reality.

The effects of climate change from prolonged droughts to erratic rainfall patterns, and extreme weather events pose a significant challenge to this nation’s sustainable development and the well-being of its people, the ambassador elaborated.

“Climate resilience is not just about adapting to the changes that are already upon us; it’s about building a sustainable future for generations to come. These challenges underscore the urgency of our collective efforts to address climate resilience related issues, ” he underlined.

Accordingly, the ambassador reiterated that in the sprit of cooperation, his country is committed to supporting Ethiopia in its efforts to strengthen climate resilience.

“Our cooperation with Ethiopia in the realm of development dates back many decades. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering Ethiopia’s economic potential, striving for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.”

On other hand, the ambassador stated that Czech promotes comprehensive rural development, including agriculture, focusing on ensuring food security for the population, while protecting the landscape and managing land and forests sustainability.

It also focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources, particularly water and ensuring access to safe and affordable drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene and facilities.

Head of the Development Cooperation at Austria embassy in Addis Ababa, Doris Gebru-Zeilermayr said “We celebrate 30 years of Ethiopia as a priority country for fostering development cooperation. In these 30 years, I think we have accomplished good results,” she elaborated.

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Country Director, Okechekwu Dainel Ogbonnaya said on his part the climate change has resulted in extensive negative effects with consequential losses and damages.

The economic repercussions of climate change are found to be substantial in the continents, as reported by ENA.

Africa, including Ethiopia is highly vulnerable to climate change, which is further exacerbated by the significant rates of land use change, population growth, and industrial development, he added.

“We are in a climate crisis. What it means is that all hands need to be on deck for us to have a collective action to build resilience and sharing best practice examples that could help countries to come out of this crisis,” he stressed.

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