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Interim Administration Calls on All Ethiopians to Show Solidarity Toward People of Tigray

Addis Ababa February 9, 2021 (FBC) – Chief Executive of the Interim Administration  of Tigray regional state Mulu Nega has called on all Ethiopians to show solidarity to help the people of Tigray get out of the current crisis.

Leaders of the interim regional administration, including Mulu, held discussion today with representatives of all religious institutions and Ethiopian Council of Elders in the regional capital Mekelle.

During the discussion, the religious leader said they will do everything possible to resolve the crisis in Tigray and restore peace in the region.

The religious fathers and elders also asked the interim administration to brief them on the ongoing efforts to provide speedy humanitarian assistance for the people, including the efforts underway to ensure lasting peace and strengthening people-to-people relation.

The religious leaders expressed their readiness to do whatever is required to strengthen the morale of the people.

Members of the Ethiopian Council of Elders on their part stated that peace should prevail in the region so that workers can get to work and farmers till.

They further pointed out that humanitarian assistance should be properly distributed to the people and the interim administration should fulfill its responsibility to rebuild the damaged government structures.

Mulu Nega said the federal government is working with commitment to provide humanitarian assistance for  the needy in the region.

The rumor that humanitarian aid has not reached the people is completely false, he said, adding that the federal government is working to solve the problem by setting up an emergency response center.

Mulu stressed that “all Ethiopians should wholeheartedly extend their support to get the people of Tigray out of their current predicament.”

The religious leaders and elders who had been in Mekelle for a two-day meeting have returned to Addis Ababa today, according to ENA.

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