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Dev’t partners discuss DDR, socio-economic situation in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, February 13, 2024 (FBC) – The Development Partners Group Heads of Agency Meeting has been conducted at the Ministry of Finance to discuss the National Demobilization and Reintegration Program and on socio-economic situation in Ethiopia.

The Meeting was chaired by Semereta Sewasew, State Minister of Finance, and the two Development Partners Group (DPG) Co-chairs, Dr. Ramiz Alkabarov, United Nations Resident Coordinator, and Mr. Paul Walters of the UK Development Director.

The state minister acknowledging the development partners commitment and active engagement in the support of the government in its endeavor to stabilize the economy and sustain peace in the country, underlined the importance of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed between the government and TPLF.

The two DPG co-chairs in their remarks underscored the need to expedite the implementation of the agreement to ensure lasting peace and stability in the country.

A brief update on the socio-economic situation in Ethiopia was delivered to the meeting by the World Bank Country Office and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The briefing highlighted the need for further stabilization of the macro-economic situation, the debt burden, though it has a decline trend, and the government forex reserve despite socio-economic achievements registered during the last couple of years in a challenging environment.

Ambassador Teshome Toga, Commissioner, the National Rehabilitation Commission on the National Demobilization and Reintegration Program (NDRP) following the update, presented a framework currently the government of Ethiopia working on with the support of Development partners and other stakeholders.

He pointed out that the DDR Program aims to answer What, Why, and How DDR in Ethiopia with the main objective of enhancing Human security and Consolidating peace through Disarmament, Demobilization, and Sustainable Reintegration of Ex-combatants into civilian life in Ethiopia.

Finally, the DPG co-chairs have expressed their commitment to extend their support to the government in its effort to stabilize the country’s economy for sustainable livelihood of the public in general and conflict and climate change population in particular. Moreover, the Heads of Agency meeting endorsing the Check Republic membership to the Development Partners Group has adjourned its meeting.

Semereta Sewasew, in her conclusion remarks, underlined that the government would continue to pursue the reform agenda designed with the aim of building resilient green economy in the country with particular attention to the most vulnerable people in the country with the continued support of development partners.

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