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Diaspora investment in manufacturing sector a model for other countries – Zimbabwean delegation

Addis Ababa, March 11, 2024 (FBC) – The exemplary engagement of Ethiopian diasporas in the manufacturing sector investment within the country serves as a model for other fellow African nations, according to Zimbabwean delegation.

Notably, the Zimbabwean delegation, comprising officials from a several institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Office of the President, the National Bank, the Public Enterprises Agency, the Revenue Authority, the Investment and Development Agency, and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, undertook a visit to Ethiopia to glean insights on how to bolster diaspora participation.

While in Ethiopia, the Zimbabwean delegation engaged in an exchange of experiences with the Ethiopian Diaspora Service, the National Bank of Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian Investment Commission. Subsequently, they visited construction materials manufacturing, textiles and garments, as well as electronic equipment assembly in the towns of Gelan and Bishoftu, situated on the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Mr. Wondwosen Girma, the Communications Director at the Ethiopian Diaspora Service, extended a warm welcome to the Zimbabwean delegation and conveyed appreciation for selecting Ethiopia as the venue for the experience exchange, in line with the principle of South-South cooperation. He expressed optimism that the delegates derived valuable insights from their interactions with the Ethiopian Diaspora Service and other institutions, which would undoubtedly benefit their future endeavors.

Rudo M. Faranisi, Chief Director of Economic Cooperation, International Trade, and Diaspora at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Zimbabwe, articulated that her delegation’s purpose in visiting Ethiopia was to glean insights from the commendable initiatives underway in the East African country and to establish enduring connections focused on augmenting diaspora involvement. She emphasized that the visit further aimed at acquiring experiences that would assist Zimbabwe in elevating its endeavors to foster diaspora participation.

The delegates said they acquired valuable experiences during their visit, which will significantly contribute to the revision of their diaspora policy. They expressed gratitude to the Ethiopian Diaspora Service for generously sharing its expertise. Furthermore, the delegates commended Ethiopia’s strides in enhancing diaspora participation within the manufacturing sector, attesting to the tangible results achieved in this regard.

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