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Digital Ethiopia 2025 empowers nation to thrive in the digital economy

Addis Ababa, March 26, 2024 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) stated that the Government has made significant strides as a nation since beginning nation’s digital transformation journey.

During the mid-term review of Digital Ethiopia 2025, PM Abiy Ahmed outlined the national challenges that led to the development of the strategy. In his interactive session, the Prime Minister emphasized the different areas where the nation’s digital transformation journey has unfolded.

Rooted in Ethiopia’s homegrown reform agenda, the national 10-year perspective plan, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the African Union Continental Digital Transformation Strategy, Digital Ethiopia 2025 aims to harness digital opportunities and propel Ethiopia towards an innovative, knowledge-based economy, Office of the Prime Minister noted.

“Digital Ethiopia 2025 empowers us to thrive in the digital economy, necessitating support for innovators and the creation of digital enablers. Today’s mid-term review allows us to assess our challenges and celebrate the remarkable milestones we’ve reached in a short span,” the Prime Minister said.

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