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Diplomacy Week Exhibition attracts over 250,000 visits: MoFA State Minister

Addis Ababa, February 29, 2024 (FBC) – State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano gave a press briefing today announcing the successful conclusion of the Diplomacy Week Exhibition in the Science Museum.

More than two 200,000 people attended the exhibition, including ambassadors, diplomats, officials, and employees of international organizations, according to Ambassador Birtukan.

According to the ambassador, the exhibition emphasized Ethiopia’s extensive history of diplomatic relationships and international relations, both past and present.

She said that the two books produced in conjunction with the exhibition made it possible to highlight Ethiopia’s bilateral and multilateral relations, especially the contribution it has played in the continent of Africa, the Horn of Africa, and international fora.

Overall, from a variety of perspectives, Ambassador Birtukan said, the 48-day diplomacy exhibit at the Science Museum proved to be a success.

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