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EEP announces completion of Woldia-Alamata high voltage transmission line maintenance

Addis Ababa, October 30,2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Electric Power(EEP) confirmed that the maintenance of Woldia-Alamata high power transmission line has been completed.

The line was damaged during the war in northern Ethiopia and was being repaired in the past few days, EEP said.

Tesfaye Mengstu, the Technical Support Manager of the transmission lines at EEP, announced that the maintenance work of the transmission lines and the replacement of broken insulators has been completed.
He stated that the inspection of the line has also begun.

Tesfaye said that the damage to a steel pole carrying a power transmission line will be repaired soon, but the damage to the pole will not prevent the line from carrying electric power.

Habtamu Wubbe, Head of the Transmission Lines and Distribution Stations Operations Department of EEP, thanked the experts involved in the maintenance work for completing the work that required no less than three weeks in just one week.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Electric Power, Ashebir Balcha, said that the workers of the institution deserve praise for swift accomplishment and commitment in repairing the electric infrastructure that was damaged for the third time.

He also urged them to maintain the concerted engagements on the rest of the maintenance works to be carried out in the future to sustain the reputation of EEP.

The completion of the maintenance of the line from Woldia to Alamata distribution station will enable Lalibala, Sekota and Kobo as well as Maichew and their surroundings to get power from Alamata distribution station with 66 KV.

He, therefore, confirmed that the areas where the repairs have been completed are set get electric power by the Ethiopian Electricity Service.

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