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EFD says Ethiopia implementing dual strategy to combat deforestation, promote afforestation

Addis Ababa, March 12, 2024 (FBC) – Ethiopia is taking decisive action to address both deforestation and afforestation in a comprehensive effort to mitigate environmental degradation and combat climate change. With a dual strategy aimed at preserving existing forests and expanding tree cover, the country is making significant strides towards sustainable land management.

This story developed following a discussion between the Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD) and Danish Development Aid. Both sides deliberated on ways how best the Danish government could support Ethiopia’s forestry development endeavors.

Despite facing challenges related to population growth, agricultural expansion, and illegal logging, Ethiopia has made remarkable progress in recent years. Through targeted reforestation programs, community engagement, and policy reforms, the country has managed to increase forest cover and reduce deforestation rates, it was stated.

Note that innovative initiatives such as the “Green Legacy” campaign, launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, have mobilized millions of Ethiopians to participate in mass tree planting. These efforts have resulted in the planting of billions of trees across the country, contributing to the restoration of degraded landscapes, creation of new forested areas along with securing edible fruits and vegetables.

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