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EIC calls for policy revision to take industrial parks to next level

Addis Ababa, November 24, 2022 (FBC) – Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC), Lelise Neme highlighted significance of a revision in policy directives to take industrial parks in the country to the next level.

The remark by the Commissioner came at a time when the Ethiopian Investment Commission consulted with stakeholders on the draft proclamation of the establishment of a special economic zone.

Concrete measures have been taken to make Ethiopia Africa’s leading industrial hub, Lelise said, citing the rollout of the industrial policy as a remarkable action.

Saying that the industrial park development in Ethiopia is at its infancy, Lelise appreciated the role the sector is playing in transforming the nation’s manufacturing industry.

The commissioner further stressed need to revise policies to widen frameworks and working climate of the industrial parks, she regarded as an area of engagement confined to limited spheres.

Lelise further lauded the draft proclamation as instrumental to fill the gaps, foster investment activities, and enable Ethiopia earn vested benefits from the sectors it has been managing with full competence.

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