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Electric minibuses commence providing public transport services in the capital

Addis Ababa, February 19, 2024 (FBC) – New electric minibuses have commenced operating as part of the public transport infrastructure in Addis Ababa today, the capital’s transport office confirmed.

The office has emphasized the opportunity for private investors to engage in the transportation sector, aiming to enhance accessibility and efficiency of public transit services.

In that regard, it has been announced that 20 new electric minibus taxis have commenced operations for public transportation as of today.

These minibuses are reported to be servicing routes along the Bole-Millennium-Stadium-Mexico and the Bole-Millennium-Ghion-Piazza lines, adhering to the established routes and fare structure.

The introduction of modern electric vehicles for public transportation is expected to enhance the overall quality of the service.

Furthermore, it is underscored that this initiative plays a significant role in mitigating harmful gas emissions and cultivating an aesthetically pleasing urban environment in Ethiopian cities.

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