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ENDF: We commemorate the martyrs of Northern Command by fulfilling our historic mission

Addis Ababa, November 2, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have issued a statement regarding a 2nd year commemoration of terrorist TPLF’s unprovoked attack and massacre on the Northern Command on November 3, 2020.

The lengthy statement discusses TPLF’s treason and barbarism, the army’s contribution to the people of Tigray since 1998, devotion and commitment of the federal defense forces, and paying tributes to the fallen ones.

In its history, Ethiopia has been attacked by many tyrant countries that threaten its existence and impose their interests and needs. But this historic nation has never been short of patriots and heroes. Hence, its brave citizens fought its enemies with swords and shields and embarrassed them on numerous occasions. In doing so, Ethiopian brave forefathers handed over a sovereign country to the current generation, the statement says.

After the national revolution in the mid 20th century, Since it came to power in 1991, the terrorist TPLF has been abusing the human rights of the people for 27 years and has drained the nation. For this reason, it was removed from power of the federal government via public disillusionment.

The ENDF Northern Command army has been based in Tigray region since 1998 and has lived with the people of Tigray for 22 years. The Northern Command was a huge force of the establishment, with a large share of defense in Ethiopia in terms of manpower and equipment. As it was autumn, in November 2020 the army was helping in gathering the farmers’ crops and chasing away the swarm of locusts that had occurred in the region.

On November 3, 2020, TPLF launched barbaric attack on the Northern Command army, which had been living in a fox hole for decades guarding the people of Tigray region. This act was inhumane and treason on the world stage.

The members of the command were stabbed from behind by TPLF just only to choosing to protect the country and serve the people. The dearest children of Ethiopia, who have been guarding day and night without getting tired for several years, without getting tired of the sever weathers day and night, passing through summer and winter, were stabbed by the TPLF’s treachery while they were sleeping.

In that attack, many members of the Northern Command were massacred by the barbaric TPLF attack. Their bodies were only left for hyenas and vultures without even being buried properly.  TPLF’s cruel militias danced over the federal armies’ corpses, beating drums. Many of them were wounded and lost their bodies. Others were also kidnapped and tortured with hunger and thirst.  These members of the Northern Command were beaten with the sticks of TPLF. They were butchered. Female army personnel were raped by the terrorist group’s militias.

Even though the TPLF killed many of its comrades in a selective manner when it attacked the Northern Command, it did not hesitate to brutalize even the natives of Tigray. During the attack, TPLF killed many chiefs and members of the Northern Command army who did not cooperate with the treason.

While guarding the region for over 20 years, members of the Northern Command built schools so that children can learn, built health centers and reduce the death of mothers and children. However, the reward paid to them for digging wells and relieving mothers of their burdens was treason and massacre.

Beyond the attack of November 3, the terrorist group did not hesitate to relaunch another war following Ethiopian government’s unilateral ceasefire. In June 2021, when the government called a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew the army from Tigray region, terrorist TPLF gathered its militants who had been scattered and invaded Afar and Amhara regions on a large scale. During this invasion, the terrorist group’s warlords publicly swore that they would go to hell to destroy Ethiopia.

During its invasion in the Amhara and Afar regions, it lived up to its oath of destruction by firing heavy weapons on innocent civilians and committed another massacre. The combatants mercilessly massacred innocent civilians in China, Galikoma, Agamsa, Kobo, and other places. They looted, burnt, and destroyed public and government infrastructures and farmer’s houses, crops and livestock. The terrorist TPLF militants, who sold their conscience, raped women from nuns to children.

The terrorist invasion was short-lived thanks to the strong blow of the brave Ethiopian federal defense forces. The group was swept out of the Afar and Amara region.

Yet again, it launched a third attack on ENDF in August 2022, when the federal government had made a ceasefire agreement to expedite humanitarian supplies.

In its recent attack on ENDF, the terrorist TPLF conscripted underage children and monks. It forced the people of Tigray to the war front and used them for its futile goals. Even though the TPLF launched an invasion in cooperation with local gangs and Ethiopia’s historic foreign enemies, it could not withstand the bravery of ENDF. The group bragged about a small victory, but cries when it gets the proper beating, hires foreign lobbyists to spread lies with the huge wealth it stole from the people of Ethiopia.

To achieve its mission of destroying Ethiopia, the terrorist group has been working tirelessly. When it realized it won’t succeed through war it tried to buy some time in the name of negotiations. But the current crops of ENDF members are the children of their gallant forefathers. The country may well be tested on any front, but it never knelt down to an enemy.

Although the consequences of the terrorist TPLF’s attack and invasion on the Northern Command and then on the whole of Ethiopia have continued to this day and caused a great humanitarian, economic and political crisis for Ethiopia and Ethiopians as well as international pressure, the country is overcoming all of them with bracery.

The nation reached the final stage of the great struggle that the national defense forces fought. Ethiopia is nearing to see the fruits of the martyrs and commemorate them with victory.

The army ready is to make all the necessary sacrifices to honor the fallen ones, ensure victory, and and maintain the territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

The injustice and tragedy committed by the terrorist TPLF is unforgivable in the face of history and generations. We will never forget the violence and suffering that happened to our brothers and sisters. But as a Federal Defense Force, we are a people’s army that will safeguard and build the people and the country.

Therefore, we do not live counting revenge, but we build on the sacrifices made and are being made to liberate the people of Ethiopia, especially the people of Tigray, from the slavery and oppression of the TPLF.

“We will never forget November 3!!”

Glory and honor to the martyrs!!

October 2, 2022

According to ENDF, Ethiopia is set to observe the commemoration of November 3 victims in all regions.

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