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Ethio telecom restores 363 mobile sites in Tigray

Ethio telecom restores  363 mobile sites in Tigray

Addis Ababa, February 8, 2021 (FBC) – As a result of efforts made to repair damaged infrastructure, some 363 mobile sites have been restores in Tigray regional state, said Ethio telecom, a state-owned telecom company.

It is to be recalled that telecom service interruption had occurred in the company’s north region since November 4/2020 due to damaged inflicted on infrastructure by TPLF.

However, following the efforts made by the telecom company in cooperation with other stakeholders, 363 mobile sites have been restored.

Hence, mobile voices and fixed services have been resumed in Mekelle, Wikro, Humera, Sekota,Adwa,Edaga Hamus,Mytsebri,Hewanie, Axum,Adishehu,Maykadra, Firewoyne, Adigrat, Adi Gudom, Korem, Seleklaka, Shire Endesellase, Agula, Alemata, Betmera , Negash, Wukro Maria, Michew, Dansha, Turkan and Samre.

Ethio-telecom further said it had availed Fixed Broadband Service in the region to restore banking service in Mekele and Adigrat since January 2021.

Banks in Shire Endasellase, Axum and Adwa twos were also connected with Fixed Broadband Service, it added.

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