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Ethiopia advocates for Nile’s equitable utilization

Addis Ababa, March 26, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopia has a firm belief in genuine trans-boundary cooperation and fair utilization of Nile waters in a bid to create a peaceful and integrated region, said Habtamu Itefa, Ethiopia’s Water & Energy Minister

The Minister made the remark at the UN 2023 Water Conference held recently in New York.

He stated that Ethiopia advocates the ratification of the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) among Nile riparian countries so that equitable and reasonable water utilization is guaranteed.

Ethiopia has been addressing the issue for both downstream and upstream countries and advocating for the conclusion of an agreement that is guided by international laws and norms. “We are pushing for the fair utilization of Nile waters as it has paramount importance in transforming the relations of the riparian countries to cooperation and partnership instead of hesitation and confrontation.”

Habtamu called on Nile Basin countries to incorporate the CFA into their respective laws and ensure development and establish better cooperation among others.

According to the Minister, in the Green Legacy Initiative, Ethiopia planted over 25 billion seedlings during the past three years and preserved the seedlings to conserve the land and increase forest coverage.

“The initiative helps us to restore water, reduce vulnerability, and enhance supply of water at national and cross border water bodies. We are committed to demonstrate environmental protection in our nation as well as on the continent and the world level”, he underscored.

Ethiopia has been building the Abay hydro-power dam which is fully funded by the people hoping to electrify 60 million people who still live in darkness and provide dependable energy for the growing economy, it was indicated.

Habtamu further called on the international community and development partners to scale up technical and technological support to implement water related works on national plans and roadmaps to developing countries.

Water needs a huge investment to make life better and survive; to achieve this Ethiopia needs continuous support from development partners. The current drought that happened in Ethiopia significantly affected the Horn of Africa and killed millions of livestock in the region, the Minister emphasized.

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