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Ethiopia aims for $2bln from upcoming IO2023: LBDC

Addis Ababa January 24, 2023 (FBC) – Land Bank and Development Corporation (LBDC) disclosed that it has finalized preparations to hold a global investment forum called Invest Origins 2023 (IO2023) to draw high-caliber, diverse investments into Ethiopia’s flourishing market.

The investment forum is going to be held from January 26-27 at the Ethiopian Science Museum in Addis Ababa.

Speaking Exclusively to FBC Digital, Chief Executive officer of LBDC, Lensa Mekonnen said that the coming investment forum is an international high-end quality investment attraction event curated to develop and attract potential investors into the country by providing a full investment opportunity in Ethiopia.

The CEO added that the corporation identified five priority areas of investments including Housing, Health, Education, Hospitality and ICT that can attract and create everlasting business partnership.

Lensa indicated that hosted by Land Bank and Development Corporation along with partners from the International business community and local partners aligned with the priority of the corporation, the forum is aimed at ensuring all investments, maximizing socio-economic gains and accelerating the nation’s journey to ensure prosperous livelihood for all the citizens of Ethiopia.

The CEO mentioned local partners including various ministerial institutions of FDRE, Ethiopian airlines, Ministry of Health, OVID group, Salvatore, Gift real state, consulting firms in the country, among others, are partnered to conduct the international investment forum.

Speaking further about the forum, Lensa said that it is an opportunity that encourages innovations and fresh ways of thinking to lead the way in developing and putting into practice sustainable development concepts in Ethiopia.

The forum creates a platform which is instrumental in building insightful knowledge and learning that foster the investment landscape, Lensa elaborated.

Stating more about IO2023, Lenas said bridging the gap between internal resource discovery efforts and outlining group initiatives that ensure the production of globally competitive goods and services.

She said the corporation believes that IO2023 is more than just investment forum but also an occasion where the country forges enduring business alliances to usher in a new era of global business order.

International partners including investors who are interested in Ethiopian market from Dubai, Bahrain, Tunisia, Sudan, and Kenya, among others, are in Addis Ababa to take part in the IO2023 Global Investment forum, Lensa disclosed.

LBD CEO estimated that the initial outcome of the International Forum is expected to secure 2 Billion USD considering the diverse investments Ethiopia is offering and interested investors of the global market.

Invest origins (IO2023) is an international investment forum hosted by FDRE Land Bank and Development Corporation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which is going to be held from January 26-27  at the Ethiopian Science Museum in Addis Ababa.

By: Yonathan Yoseph



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