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Ethiopia amasses over $1 billion from coffee export in 11 months

Addis Ababa, June 13, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopia racked up more than 1.1 billion USD from 210 thousand tons of coffee exported in the last 11 months, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority.

Though the produces presented to the foreign market and the earned income has relatively decreased to a certain extent, the outcome is encouraging compared to the constraints, said Adugna Debela, Director of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority.

In the next Ethiopian fiscal year, various works will be undertaken to achieve better income through quality-based activities and expanding market destinations, the Director added.

He indicated that the activities of increasing production and productivity, maintaining quality, modernizing the transaction and ensuring fair use will continue to be strengthened.

Recall that some 1.4 billion USD was obtained from 300 thousand tons of exported coffee in the 2021/22 Ethiopian fiscal year.

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