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Ethiopia announces cut off points for university entry

Addis Ababa, April 8, 2021 (FBC) – Ministry of Science and Higher Education has today announced the new cut off points for university entry after analyzing results of candidates who have sat for national examinations this year.

Accordingly, the cut off point for natural science field male candidates has become 380 while female entrance point is 368.

Male social sciences candidates are required to score 370 while female students need to get 358 points.

In developing regional states and pastoralist areas, male students need 368 (natural science) and 358 (social sciences) while female candidates are required to have 358 (natural sciences) and 348 (social sciences), according to the science and higher education minister, Dr. Samuel Urkato.

Male students with disabilities need to have 350 (natural sciences) and 340 (social sciences) and female SWD have to have 345 (natural sciences) and 335 (social sciences) out of 700, the ministry said.

Candidates from Tigray and Metekel areas need 358 (natural science) and 348 (social sciences) and 350 (natural sciences) and 340 (social sciences)  in male and female respectively, the ministry stated.


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