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Ethiopia attends BRICS Summit in Durban, South Africa

ddis Ababa, Decembe 2, 2023 (FBC) – Mamo Mihretu, Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s BRICS Sherpa addressed the Extended BRICS Sherpa/Sous Sherpa meeting stressing that Ethiopia’s decision to be a member is consistent with its rich and long history of diplomacy, including as a member of the League of Nations and a founding member the UN and the OAU.

He said that BRICS membership offers a unique opportunity not just to develop more effective bilateral ties, but also to forge a deeper strategic relationship based on the principle of sovereign equality and consensus to promote trade, development finance, investment, and shared prosperity.

He also mentioned that Ethiopia does not see BRICS as a bloc in competition with anyone but as a platform for the global south to continue promoting multilateral cooperation for collective and shared prosperity, as evidenced in Ethiopia’s rich diplomatic history.

He further pointed out that the Government of Ethiopia has been making preparations since accepting the invitation to join BRICS and to that effect the National Ministerial Coordination Committee held its inaugural session in November 2023.

Ethiopia’s Sherpa called on the members to actively participate in BRICS activities and continue to play a constructive role in strengthening multilateralism and promoting peace and prosperity in the world. During the meeting, Sherpas of BRICS exchanged views and discussed the priorities of 2024 under the chairmanship of Russia.

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