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Ethiopia earns $41mln from meat products export in 5 months: EAA

Addis Ababa, December 19, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) announced that over 41 million USD was earned from meat products exported to the foreign market in the last five months.

The Authority indicated that it is working to supply 28,000 tons of meat products to the foreign market in the current fiscal year.

Dr. Ayalew Shumet, Director of Export Abattoirs Inspection and Certification, said in the past five months, 41,800,000 USD was earned from meat products export.

He also mentioned that the income was obtained by providing 5,900 tons of meat products to foreign market.

The Director said that Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are among the countries where the meat products were widely exported.

Dr. Ayalew also indicated that the Authority is working to export a total of 28,000 tons of meat and meat products in the current fiscal year, indicating that EAA plans to collect more than 150 million US dollars in the process.

He said that various works are being carried out so that the meat product can be exported in large quantities while maintaining its quality.

Dr. Ayalew explained that other efforts are also being made to send meat products to China, Indonesia, and European countries.

With the current capacity, 200 thousand tons of meat products can be supplied to the foreign market every year, indicating that work is being done to realize this ambition, he said.

In addition, Dr. Ayalew mentioned that works are also being done to meet the domestic high demand for meat and meat products.

In this regard, he explained that the recently launched nationwide “YeLemat Trufat” program will be of great importance in filling this gap.

According to the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority data, there are currently 70.2 million cattle, 42.9 million sheep, 8 million camels, and 52 million goats in Ethiopia, as per ENA’s report.

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