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Ethiopia generates 17.7GWh electricity from Aysha Wind Farm II in past two months

Addis Ababa, December 5, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) stated that Aysha Wind Farm II has generated over 17.7 GWh electric power during the last two months.

Aysha Wind Farm II was connected to the national grid after 16 of its windmills had begun generating power at the end of September this year, according to EEP.

According to the Project Manager, Tiruwork Shiferaw, the power generation performance from the windmills has surpassed the plan set to produce 17GWh electricity.

During its trial operation in September, the Aysha Wind Farm generated 3.3GWh, according to the Project Manager.

Aysha Wind Farm’s performance during the past two months manifests Ethiopia’s capacity to generate more energy from similar power plants, the manager added.

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