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Ethiopia calls for int’l synergy to curb irregular migration

Addis Ababa, April 20, 2024 (FBC) – Attending the Stakeholders Panel Discussion on the Migration Response Plan in Geneva this week, an Ethiopian delegation has called for international collaboration to address the complexities of irregular migration.

A panel discussion organized by IOM (International Organization for Migration) on the Regional Migrant Response Plan (MRP) for the Horn of Africa and Yemen took place this week at the IOM Head quarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Daniel Tenkir, Minister Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia in Geneva, was among the panelists. On the occasion he noted that his country is implementing a holistic approach to combat irregular migration by focusing on job creation, skills development, access to credit facilities, and entrepreneurship promotion.

Mr. Daniel stated that irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling remain key challenges for Ethiopia. Speaking on migratory routes, he emphasized that addressing the challenges of irregular migration requires international cooperation, as no single state can tackle them alone.

He emphasized on the need to invest in long-term development projects in areas prone to irregular migration, enhancing protection and sustainable reintegration.

The Minister Counselor detailed Ethiopia’s efforts in repatriating at-risk migrants from the Middle East, notably Yemen and Southern routes. He reminded that Ethiopian irregular migrants face various abuses and human rights violations, underscoring the critical importance of upholding their rights.

Over 100 participants, both in-person and virtually, attended the panel featuring representatives from Ethiopia, Norway, Save the Children USA, and Yemen.

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