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Ethiopia Implementing Strategic Policy to Become Medical Tourism Hub

Addis Ababa, March 9, 2024 (FBC) – Ethiopia has designed a 10-year strategic policy that enables the nation to become a medical tourism hub, according to Ministry of Health.

Following a panel discussion at the three-day Ethio Health Exhibition and Conference that opened yesterday, Ministry of Health Senior Advisor Esayas Mesele told ENA that the government has given priority to make Ethiopia a medical tourism center.

According to him, the policy and strategy has massive significance in encouraging the sector in general and for investors who want to engage in the area in particular.

For the senior advisor, investors who want to engage in the sector have a massive opportunity to bring their knowledge and experience to Ethiopia by using the government’s health infrastructure as well.

Ethiopians who travel abroad for medical services not provided in the country are subjected to high costs and exhaustion, he further elaborated.

The 10-year strategic policy of medical tourism development can reduce the number of citizens who travel abroad for medical services by 80 percent and attract others seeking medical support from the continent.

Highlighting that training experts and bringing new medical service technologies into the country as one of the priorities, he pointed out that implementing the policy and strategy will ensure quality and affordable medical services in Ethiopia.

The 8th Ethio Health Exhibition and Conference, the largest gathering of healthcare professionals in the East Africa region, kicked off yesterday at the Millennium Hall.

More than 90 companies from 12 countries are taking part in the exhibition and conference.

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