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Ethiopia, Korea should transform long-cherished friendship into practical economic exchange: Amb. Dessie

Addis Ababa, September 30, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Dessie Dalkie, emphasized that Ethiopia and Korea Republic need to transform their long-cherished friendship into stronger economic ties for the mutual benefit of the two countries.

A delegation from the Ethiopian Embassy in South Korea carried out the “2022 Ethiopia – Korea Business Forum” at Mano Memorial Hall of Busan University of Foreign Studies, Busan, and more than 80 company owners attended the forum.

The Forum was planned to provide the attendees with the most updated investment information, such as the investment environment, opportunities, incentives, and infrastructure status in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Dessie, in his remarks during the forum, recalled that practical economic exchanges between Ethiopia and the Republic of Korea have not been remarkable so far despite the long and historic relationship between the two countries.

According to the Ambassador, both nations need to transform this historic relation into practical economic exchanges.

The Deputy Commissioner of Ethiopian Investment Commission, Daniel Teressa, made a presentation explaining Ethiopian investment opportunities, priority areas for incentives, and the reforms the Ethiopian government is undergoing to enhance FDI.

Cha Minho, Chairman of the Shin TS ETP Garment PLC, joined the forum to share his experience and prospects for investment in Ethiopia.

After the forum, Consular Kim Sang-jin appealed to his opinion to transform the enthusiasm into practical progress.

He plans to organize an advanced team to be composed of core chairmen group members to go to Ethiopia and take a precise survey for the investment and let the chairmen group mobilize their group companies.

For the concrete plan, the Ethiopian embassy in Korea Republic will hold another virtual business forum around the end of January and recruit potential investors to organize a pre-investment trip to Ethiopia around March 2023.

The participants, for their part, appraised the presentation and agreed to take advantage of the investment potential of Ethiopia.

In addition to the business forum, the Embassy delegation visited the KNN broadcasting station and asked them to promote Ethiopia’s investment opportunities.

It also executed 2 follow-up meetings with Eco-Nexus and J. Roasting, which are planning to visit Ethiopia in October this year for the implementation of the investment, as per MFA Ethiopia.

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