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Ethiopia, Norway sign a $75M partnership agreement

Addis Ababa, February 27, 2024 – In a landmark move, the Government of Ethiopia and the Royal Norwegian Government today forged a monumental partnership agreement, totaling a staggering $75 million.

This historic accord, signed amidst great anticipation, marks a significant milestone in bilateral relations between the two nations, according to Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD).

Under the terms of the agreement, both parties have committed to a wide array of collaborative initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development in “reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, conservation of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stock and on promoting sustainable development and climate resilience within the context of Ethiopia’s Nationally Determined Contributions, The Climate resilient green economy strategy (CRGE), and the Long Term–Low Emissions Strategy (LT-LEDS)”.

The partnership holds immense promise for Ethiopia’s forest sector development through offering access to Norway’s expertise, technology, and financial resources to propel the nation’s development agenda forward. Moreover, it underscores Norway’s commitment to supporting Ethiopia’s journey towards prosperity and self-reliance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Girma Amente, Minister Agriculture of Ethiopia, stated that the contribution of the people and government of Norway to Ethiopia’s development is enormous, dependable and sustainable.

Minister of Finance, Mr. Ahmed Shide, for his part, noted, “the continued support of the Norwegian government since Ethiopia has launched its CRGE back at 2011 is remarkable.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Andreas Eriksen, explained that Ethiopia’s commitment to green growth and development is exemplary. He affirmed that Norway will pursue with its partnership and support.

EFD indicated that this historic pact not only strengthens the bonds of friendship and partnership between Ethiopia and Norway but also sets a precedent for fruitful collaboration between nations committed to building a brighter future for their people and the world at large.

As both countries embark on this transformative agreement, all parties and stakeholders were watching it with eager anticipation, recognizing the potential of their partnership to inspire positive change for green growth and development, it was indicated.

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