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Ethiopia showcases concrete climate action efforts at COP28 

Addis Ababa, December 3, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopia has showcased its concrete climate change actions including the Green Legacy Initiative and sustainable agricultural practices at COP28 being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Agriculture Minister Girma Amente stated that the country has presented updates on its successful activities in the areas of  climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable agricultural practices at the conference.

The minister noted that Ethiopia has presented its Green Legacy Exhibition Pavilion at the conference with practical works that can be an experience for other countries of the world.

The Green Legacy Exhibition Pavilion served as a testament to Ethiopia’s dedication to sustainable agriculture practices. 

Ethiopia was able to demonstrate to the audience of the conference the practical activities that it is carrying out to make the food system transition and build a green economy, he observed.

Thus far, the country has planted 32.5 billion saplings under the Green Legacy Initiative to combat the consequences of climate change, he pointed out.

Ethiopia was able to present 36 indigenous tree species in the pavilion, Girma pointed out.

The country has also presented the work it is doing by expanding the production and productivity of wheat by making its agricultural activities resilient to climate change.

Stating that ” Yelemat Tirufat” initiative being implemented across the country, goes beyond ensuring a road-map to ensure food system transition, the minister also said that it has shown achievements in cattle farming, poultry farming, honey, and fish.

Thus, Ethiopia has presented concrete actions that it has been implementing to prevent the impacts of climate change and ensure food system transition at COP 28 being held in Dubai, he stressed. 

These practical works can be examples for other countries in addition to its  great contribution in building the image of the country, ENA reported.

Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment to climate action resonated with participants at COP28. They lauded the country’s leadership and its tangible efforts to address the interconnected challenges facing nations worldwide.

Ethiopia’s exemplary climate action efforts serve as an inspiration to other nations, demonstrating the power of collective action in addressing the global climate crisis.

The country’s commitment to environmental sustainability and food security paves the way for a greener and more resilient future for all. 

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