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Ethiopia will capitalize on its recent diplomatic achievements: President

Addis Ababa, October 9, 2023 (FBC) – The FRDE President Sahle-Work Zewde stated that the diplomatic achievements registered in the concluded Ethiopian budget year will be further scaled up.

Opening the joint session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives and House of Federation today, President Sahlework said that Ethiopian diplomacy is coming out of international pressures and returning to regular diplomatic relationship.

The President stated that due attention will be put into improving the prevailing political relationship with neighboring countries to trade ties.

Diplomatic works in compliance with international law will be pursued to resolve unsettled border issues, the President stated, and emphasized that border issues will be resolved based on national interest and sustainable neighborly relationship.

Ethiopia’s foreign relation will focus on increasing friendly countries; deduct enmity, and embracing development partners, Sahlework noted.

Ethiopia has undertaken various multilateral and bilateral diplomatic activities on issues of international and regional concern, the President said, adding that the recent diplomatic achievements recognize the long-rooted diplomatic history of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s membership to BRICS is a national glory, she stated, and added that it enhances the country’s acceptance at the international arena.

BRICS membership will stimulate the socio-economic sector and creates opportunity for investment, Sahle-Work explained as quoted by ENA, and noted that it will have significant impact to widen Ethiopia’s market options and strengthen cooperative frameworks.

Ethiopia through its diplomatic acceptance will work to ascertain Africa’s interest at multilateral arenas, it was indicated

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