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Ethiopia, Uganda vow to join forces to realize Digital Africa

Addis Ababa, February 14, 2024 (FBC) – A high-level delegation from the Uganda Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development paid a visit to the newly inaugurated Experience Center at the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum hosted by Ethio Telecom.

The visit of the Ugandan delegation aimed at boosting strategic cooperation and cultivating strong relationships among African nations, with a shared vision of accelerating Africa’s digital transformation, it was indicated.

During the visit, the delegates emphasized the need for collaborative efforts among nations to achieve a Digitally Transformed Africa.

Both sides exchanged insights on digital technology development, while emphasizing the importance of collaboration among Africans to realize ‘Digital Africa’. They also pledged commitment to work collaboratively in realizing Digital Africa.

Subsequently, the Ugandan delegates passionately called other African counterparts to come and witness this digital experience center.

They also lauded the center as an unwavering commitment to advancing Ethiopia’s digital transformation and fostering intracontinental partnerships for the realization of ‘Digital Africa’.

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