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Ethiopia underscores the role of private sector in energy development

Addis Ababa, March 29, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopia is participating in the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue represented by the Water and Energy Minister, Habtamu Itefa who stressed a need to consolidate the participation of the private sector in the energy development sector.

He said the private sector must be encouraged to actively participate in harnessing energy resources to ensure energy access to all.

Apart from the national grid, hydroelectric power, Ethiopia is investing in solar and windmill energy production, he said, highlighting the immense potential of the country in renewable energy sources.

The gap related to low tariff and energy mix emanate from scattred settlements, according to the Minister.

Government of Ethiopia has put in place incentives including allotment of land and other related supports, he said.

Habtam cited the Distributed Renewable Energy-Agriculture Modalities (DREAM) project, private sector operation of nine renewable energy mini-grids and irrigation systems across Ethiopia to turn disease run water pumps into solar ones.

The Government is providing capacity building training to youths and capacitating small scale enterprises to expand off-grid technologies, the Minister added.

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