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Ethiopia vows to enhance efforts to ameliorate power interconnection in East Africa

Addis Ababa, February 5, 2023 (FBC) – The 16th Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) Ministerial Meeting held in Kampala, Uganda, was concluded after passing decisions on four issues.

CEOs of electric power companies from 13 member countries, including Ethiopia, and other relevant experts and development partners participated in the meeting.

It was stated that the ministerial meeting passed a decision on four issues based on the proposed resolutions from the participants who gathered for two days in Kampala.

EAPP has approved the appointment of Kenya’s James Karari Wahogo as the General Secretary replacing the Tanzanian Mr. Lebi Changula, who served the Pool for many years.

Subsequently, it was also approved that the seat of the Regulatory Board, which controls the independent power grid, to be in Kampala, Uganda.

In addition, it was noted that an agreement has been reached to review the study of the bilateral energy sales framework agreement and the revision of the memorandum of understanding signed between the countries in the upcoming June urgent meeting.

The Minister of State for Energy Development at the Ministry of Water and Energy-Ethiopia, Sultan Wali participated in the meeting on behalf of Ethiopia.

He said that the ministerial meeting and the approved resolutions will further boost the energy ties between African countries.

The Minister of State urged all member countries to cooperate better than before, adding that Ethiopia will play its part in strengthening the power interconnections in the East African region.

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