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Ethiopia will start exporting wheat from next year

Addis Ababa, June 14, 2022 (FBC) – Addressing the 13rd ordinary session of the House of Peoples Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the export industry has shown a remarkable increase despite pressures including termination of the AGOA privilege, among others.

The Premier said various efforts are underway to increase the productivity of the agricultural sector. According to the Prime Minister, 28pct of the arable land in the country has been cultivated with help of mechanized farming system.

Abiy also indicated that 45pct of the total land has been including in the cluster farming system. Premier stated that the nation has secured 336 million quintals of crop production from the Meher season farming.

As to the Premier, near to 24 million quintals of crop production is expected to be collected from the ongoing summer irrigation based wheat production.

Saying that remarkable achievement is being registered in the irrigation based farming, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed noted Ethiopia will start exporting wheat from next year.

Regarding the Sugar industry sector, the Prime Minister said: “Despite security challenges in some areas, we have managed during the reforms to increase what was 200,000ton production capacity to 360,000tons of sugar production following efforts to bring into productivity all the factories.”

The other development sector that has seen remarkable growth is the road infrastructure, according to Premier.

“In the past four years the Ethiopian Roads Administration has built around 22,000km of concrete asphalt roads, whereas prior to the reforms this number was only at 13,000km.”

In Addis Ababa alone, 151km asphalt road has been built in the last three years. 470km cobblestone road has been constructed. 116km broad walkways have been constructed in several part of the capital, Addis Ababa, Prime Minister added.

Concerning activities underway to ensure law and order, the Premier said the security operation undertaken in the Amhara Region needs to be viewed in light of the successes. It has brought under control around 3500 defected who were working to wreak havoc.

As part of this operation we have also seized narcotics; illegally acquired foreign currency, fake currency, bombs and other illegal weaponry. Such groups who are threatening the livelihoods of well-meaning citizens in the region need to be apprehended.” 2/2

“Our security sector reforms is preparing to support #Ethiopia as a great nation. Institutions to sustain the greatness of this nation will be built.”

“Let’s not designate individuals engaged in destroying national institutions as “activists” & “journalists”. The type of media landscape #Ethiopia has currently is contrary to how it was before. Journalism in it true nature needs to be protected & nurtured.”

The Government has been exerting efforts to address challenges related to inflation. Government is working to support production capacity of bakeries in Addis Ababa to meet the growing demand.

“We have created the capacity to produce 3million bread per day for those in need from a 20,000 per day capacity. This is still not enough indeed. But productivity requires work.”

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