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Ethiopia won UNIDO’s acclaim for its success in agri based industrial dev’t: GCS

Addis Ababa, November 28, 2023 (FBC) – The Minister for Government Communication Service (GCS), Legesse Tulu (PhD), stated that UNIDO has officially acclaimed Ehtiopia for its achivements in the agruculutre based industrial development.

In his media briefing regarding the recent participation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in the 20th General Conference of UNIDO in Vienna, the GCS Minister explained about the Ethiopia-Austria relations, nation’s progress in industrial development and the major points discussed during the conference.

Legesse stated that finanical problems are impeding the efforts of developing countries to ensure provision of infrastructure and improve livelihoods of their citizens, and technology and knowledge gap hampers the endeavors to develop start up industries, and these in turn lead these countries into conflicts.

He noted that countries have made policy reforms to solve these problems, adding that the conference was primarily focused on such issues and explored mechanisms on how industrilized nations uphold thier promises they made so far to lift the developing countries out of these challenges. 

Legesse indicated that Ethiopia is among the counries that have made policy reforms, and over the past five years, the country has achieved remarkable progress in ensuring food security and improving supply of green energy alternatives to address unemployment and agriculture-based integrated industralization.

UNIDO has officially acknowledged Ethiopia’s progress in the agriculture-based industralization process, and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) who atteded the conferences as guest of honor shared nation’s success stories in this regard.

The Prime Minister explained about the achivements in the implementation of the ongoing economic reforms in Ethiopia based on substantial evidences, according to the Minister.

International agencies like UNIDO were asked to strenthen their support for developing countries in the areas of technology and knowledge transfer.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed that Ethiopia has put in place an ambitious plan for its homegrown economy, calling for finacial support and experience and knowledge sharing from technologically developed countries to this end.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed discussed with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer on how to bring Austria’s experiences to Ethiopia, strenthen bilateral ties, encourage Austrian companies to explore investment opportunities in Ethiopia, Legesse said.

According to the Minister, the Premier expressed Ethiopia’s interest to enhance people to people ties with Austria, and affirmed government’s commitment to provide all the necessary supports to Austrian investors interested to invest in Ethiopia.

Legesse added that Chancelloer Karl Nehammer expressed Austria’s interest to  work in collaboration with Ethiopia in the areas of agriculture, mining, infrustructure, road and railway network expansion.

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