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Ethiopian Aviation University graduates 627 aviators

Addis Ababa, December 9, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopian Aviation University today graduated 627 aviators in different occupations.

Of the 627 graduates, 88 of them are Pilots, 125 Aircraft Technicians, 150 Cabin Crew and 264 Commercial Professionals, Ethiopian Airlines Group confirmed.

“Today, we proudly acknowledge the success of 627 professional graduates comprising 88 pilots, 125 aircraft maintenance technicians, 150 cabin crew, and 264 customer service agents,” Ethiopian Civil Aviation University Vice President Kasie Yimam elaborated.

This graduation of 627 aviation professionals is the second for the university this year which graduated 1,551 in August, 2023, he said.

“This celebration marks our second graduation within this fiscal year after July following a land mark achievement of 1,551 aviation professionals on August 5, 2023,” he recalled.

As Ethiopian continues to soar towards its aspirations of becoming a major aviation hub, the contributions of these talented individuals will be instrumental in achieving this vision.

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