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Ethiopian circus troupe registered on Guinness World Records

Addis Ababa, February 3, 2024 (FBC) – The Ethiopian circus ensemble, renowned as The Black Lion Circus group, attained distinction in the international competition hosted in Italy by shattering the world record, earning an esteemed spot on the Guinness World Records list.

In acknowledgment of this remarkable achievement, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Kejela Merdasa, warmly received and greeted the accomplished members of The Black Lion Circus group. They not only etched their names in the records book by breaking the world record but also proudly raised the Ethiopian flag onto the global stage.

Kejela expressed his joy at the victory of the circus team and extended his congratulatory message.

Mr. Teklu Ashagr, the president of the Ethiopian National Circus Association Consortium (ENCAC), expressed his commendation for the group’s illustrious accomplishments. He highlighted that the ensemble has aligned with fellow Ethiopians in the compendium of those who have heretofore shattered global records and attained recognition within the Guinness World Records.

Furthermore, he pledged to exert strenuous efforts to elevate Ethiopia’s prominence on the global arena in this domain.

In addition, the African Dream Circus Group, having partaken in an international festival in Montecarlo, France, heralded a victorious return, securing a silver medal alongside a certificate.

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