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Ethiopian, Italian defense chiefs hold high-level talks in Rome

Addis Ababa, May 20, 2024 (FBC) – The Chief of the General Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, engaged in high-level discussions with his Italian counterpart, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, in Rome.

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) delegation, led by Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, was invited on an official visit to Italy by the Italian counterpart.

Upon their arrival in the Italian capital, the Ethiopian military delegation was warmly welcomed by senior Italian military officials.

Today, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula and Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone convened for a substantive dialogue focused on enhancing military cooperation between the two nations.

During their discussions, the Ethiopian military chief highlighted the growing strategic partnership between Ethiopia and Italy in the defense domain.

According to him, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Italy this year and Prime Minister Georgia Meloni’s official visit to Ethiopia last year is testament that the relations between the two countries are further strengthening.

He stressed that Admiral Giuseppe Cavo’s recent visit to Ethiopia had significantly contributed to the strengthening of cooperation in the military sector.

In turn, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo expressed his desire to further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in various military matters.

He emphasized the imperative of reinforcing and continuing the existing ties at different levels in the sector.

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