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Ethiopian, Loyyal, and Finfare Connect launch bank-linked offers for ShebaMiles members

Addis Ababa, June 11, 2024 (FBC) – Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s leading airline, and one of the fastest-growing global airline brands, has appointed innovative tech loyalty partner Loyyal to its Access Point flagship solution as a rewards management system within its loyalty offering.

Ethiopian Airlines and Loyyal teamed up with Finfare Connect to seamlessly integrate world-class bank-linked offers (account-linked and card-linked) through an automated platform designed specifically for loyalty program owners. This makes them one of the first airline rewards programs powered by bank data in the world.

This collaboration leverages Finfare Connect’s market-leading rewards solution for payment-linked incentives, affiliate offers, and instant cashback, all powered by Loyyal’s advanced blockchain infrastructure for loyalty systems.

Loyyal CEO Ashish Kumar Singh said “Loyyal is thrilled to partner with Ethiopian Airlines for its Sheba Miles members to experience everyday earnings, driving further engagement and stickiness.”

“We’re excited to join forces with Loyyal and Ethiopian Airlines to help enrich their reward offering, generate incremental sales for our network of partner brands, and ultimately provide more value and personalized experiences for customers,” said Brad Blake, Chief Growth Officer at Finfare.

From a technical perspective, Access Point uses Smart Contract technology that streamlines and automates deals and agreements seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free, self-administered experience for everyone. This enables program owners to efficiently onboard and collaborate with a wider range of merchants, including renowned brands like Nike, Marks & Spencer, and Boots, alongside popular independent hotels, restaurants, and top experience providers in the UK and US.

Gunjan Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at Loyyal states, “My relationship with Ethiopian Airlines dates to its STAR Alliance induction. I’m thrilled to see its growth, particularly as the first African airline to offer daily earning opportunities in the US and UK markets through Loyyal-Access Point’s support.”

Mrs. Rahel Assefa, Group VP Marketing, Ethiopian Airlines said, “We are excited for the unique partnership we have established with Loyyal’s patented platform and Finfare’s extensive ecosystem to boost our members’ mile earning experience through everyday purchases from various leisure and lifestyle brands.”

This unique collaboration enables ShebaMiles members to earn miles through everyday purchases including categories such as fashion, health & beauty, entertainment, dining, experiences, retail, and travel, opening a wide spectrum of offers for members.

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