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Ethiopian, Russian tour operators seek cooperation in tourism promotion sector

Addis Ababa, September 14, 2023 (FBC) – The 29th International Trade Fair for Tourism & Travel OTDYKH Leisure opened in Moscow, Russia on 12 September 2023 in participation of 14 countries.

Ethiopian Mission in Moscow and New Gate Ethiopia Tour, a tour operator from Ethiopia participated in the trade fair.

The Ethiopian Embassy along with the Ethiopian tour operator discussed with representatives of Russian tour operators on how to forge cooperation in the tourism promotion sector.

On the occasion, the Ethiopian team also briefed participants of the trade fair on attraction sites in Ethiopia. They also explored ways how to attract more Russian tourist to Ethiopia.

In addition, the Ethiopian team has participated in the International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Machinery and Technology for Floriculture and Landscape Design which is taking place in Moscow.

A discussion focused on creating a link between Ethiopian flower exporters and Russian flower importers was held between the mission in Moscow and Russian representatives.

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