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Ethiopia’s MoLS Minister in Saudi Arabia to discuss employment cooperation

Addis Ababa, May 22, 2024 (FBC) – The Minister of Labor and Skills, Ms. Muferihat Kamil, held a discussion with Eta Abdulwahab Al-Aghel, Director General for Women’s Empowerment at Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in Riyadh.

According to the Ethiopian Embassy in Riyadh, the two dignitaries engaged in a bilateral consultation regarding the legal employment of Ethiopian citizens within Saudi Arabia.

During the meeting, Ms. Muferiat highlighted that strengthening historical relations between the countries has been a priority for the Ethiopian government. She also emphasized that the new legal employment agreement between the two countries has shown great results in a short period.

It was announced that a technical team will be established between the two countries to discuss gaps and progress in the implementation process and work towards improving its execution.

Abdelwahab Alagel noted that there is an increasing demand for Ethiopian workers under Saudi Arabia’s new labor law. The Director stressed the importance of collaboration to overcome operational limitations and enhance sector effectiveness.

He confirmed that his government will assist in organizing employment by providing training for workers based on the demand for Ethiopian workers in Saudi Arabia.

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