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EU ready to continue providing assistance, renew multifaceted ties with Ethiopia: Envoy

Addis Ababa, January 17, 2023 (FBC) – The Minister of State for Finance, Semereta Sewasew, discussed with EU delegation led by Annette Weber, the European Union’s Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa.

During the meeting, they discussed the multifaceted economic and social cooperation between Ethiopia and the European Union.

State Minister Semereta mentioned that the European Union is Ethiopia’s sustainable development partner. She delivered an in-depth explanation on the activities being carried out to rebuild conflict-affected areas in northern Ethiopia after the peace agreement.

She also elucidated about the efforts being made to accelerate the development and growth of the country by implementing the second home-grown economic reform.

Semereta underscored that it is critical to raise and mobilize huge resources to sustainably rehabilitate the conflict- affected parts of the society and rebuild damaged infrastructures.

To rebuild the war-ravaged areas, the State Minister believes that Ethiopia’s sustainable development partners such as the EU will continue to strengthen their humanitarian assistance and development support.

Annette Weber, the European Union’s Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, for her part, said that Ethiopia is a country that has contributed to the stabilization of East Africa and the establishment of regional economic ties.

According to the Ministry of Finance’s social media post, the EU special envoy stated that the return of relative peace in Ethiopia is very important to the EU to strengthen its overall cooperation.

She affirmed that the European Union is committed to providing the necessary support through continuous dialogue to restore the multi-faceted cooperation with Ethiopia and to take it to a higher level.

Recall that the EU special envoy had also held a discussion with the FDRE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen earlier today.

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