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FAO pledges continued support for efforts of agricultural dev’t, food sovereignty

Addis Ababa, November 9, 2022 (FBC) – The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has stated that it will continue its support to ensure the agricultural sector in the Southern Ethiopia Peoples’ region grows to the required level and ensures food security.

The head of the Southern Ethiopia Peoples’ region, Ristu Yirdaw, discussed with the FAO’s representative to Ethiopia, Farayi Zimudzi.

Ristu explained that the Ethiopian government is working in coordination with international institutions to improve the farmers’ income and nutrition through developing the agricultural sector.

He also stated that multifaceted activities are being carried out to make the agricultural sector the basis of feeding the people properly and the country’s development.

In particular, the information of the communication office of the region indicates that the

According to the Region’s government communication service, “YeLemat Trufat” initiative, which is being implemented to improve the nutrition system and ratio at the level of each farmer, is promising.

Rustu called on international organizations such as FAO to provide support in terms of modernizing the sector, marketing system, machinery supply and capacity building.

Farayi Zimudzi, for her part, said that FAO is supporting efforts to ensure food security in eight East African countries, including Ethiopia.

She confirmed that the organization will continue to support the agricultural sector in the Southern Ethiopia Peoples’ region to the required level and ensure food security.

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