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FM Taye meets with AU High-Level Panel on Sudan

Addis Ababa, March 22, 2024 (FBC) – Foreign Minister of Ethiopia Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie received this afternoon AU High-Level Panel on Sudan, led by Muhammad Ibn Chambas.

Note that the high-level panel is convened by the African Union’s Peace and Security Council for the purpose of finding a lasting resolution to the crisis in the Sudan.

The panel briefed the Foreign Minister about the recent shuttle diplomacy missions and consultations it conducted.

In response, Ambassador Taye highlighted the critical need for a Sudanese owned and AU led peace process that is all inclusive to adress the current crisis in the Sudan.

The importance of Ethiopia’s continued and robust contribution to peace efforts in the Sudan was underscored by Muhammad Ibn Chambas.

Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie also urged that enough attention be given to the dire situation caused by the crisis, which has led to significant internal displacement and refugee flows, underlining this as a critical area of concern.

He assured members of the panel that Ethiopia will support and back the AU High Level Panel on Sudan with an earnest belief that the African led initiative will hold more traction.

He urged that the international community and regional stakeholders to stand behind the panel.

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