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GCS: Differences among religious leaders should be addressed in line with the Church’s canon

Addis Ababa, February 5, 2023 (FBC) – The government believes that the recent disputes among the leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church should be resolved peacefully and internally, said the FDRE Government Communication Service.

In its latest statement regarding the current situation among the Church’s leaders, GCS stated that in order for national institutions to maintain their solidarity and strength, the government has been doing everything it can whenever disputes occur. It will continue to strengthen this effort.

When troubles challenging the solidarity of the institutions arise from within, the government supported them to resolve the disputes through discussion and internal principles. Hence, these efforts brought effective outcomes, the statement recalls.

Accordingly, GCS called on all parties to discharge their responsibilities so that the rows among the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church leaders can be resolved peacefully through dialogue and inline with the Church’s canon and dogma.

GCS also further called on elders and religious fathers to bring the two sides closer together and amicably resolve their differences.

The EOTC faithful were also urged to play a constructive role by refraining from complicating the situation and prevent other conflict-brewing third parties from taking advantage of it.

According to the statement, the security forces carry the responsibility of maintaining the peace and security of the local people and religious institutions. They should also bring order to the parties that aggravate the conflict.

Media outlets were also told to refrain from feeding contents that aggravate the issue.

In addition, the government urged the public at large to discharge responsibilities to solve the situation peacefully and effectively.

On the other hand, the statement confirmed that forces that tried to fuel conflicts and dismantle the nation in the name of religion and ethnicity are still trying to take advantage of the current situation. Hence, the government will never tolerate these atrocities, the statement adds.

On this occasion, the government announces that it has the responsibility to enforce the law against those who are trying to aggravate the situation, fuel conflict between the people, and bring the country to unrest.

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